S2S online research modules

The Student2Scholar (S2S) course is comprised of 10 self-paced, interactive online modules designed specifically for graduate students in the social sciences. The modules will help you develop the skills you need to successfully navigate the higher education information ecosystem. The modules provide opportunities for hands-on practice using the research tools in your discipline, as well as engaging with the broader issues affecting your research and career as a researcher.

To obtain credit for the Graduate Professional Skills (GPS) program, you must:

  • Complete at least 3 modules including modules 3, 4 and a module of your choice
  • As you complete each module, email the certificate of completion to s2s@library.utoronto.ca
  • All certificates of completion must be received by March 7, 2016

Course Description

The Student2Scholar (S2S) modules will help graduate students in the social sciences develop their core academic literacies and research skills, enabling them to participate more actively and confidently in their communities of research. Modules fall within four categories in the S2S learning journey: Inquiry and Exploration; Investigation and Organization; Analysis and Evaluation; and Creation and Communication. Each module includes a wide range of interactive, self-paced learning activities and assessments.

This course provides opportunities for hands-on practice using the research tools as well as engaging with the broader issues affecting your research. 

Modules include:

  • Pre-module: Collecting citations and creating bibliographies
  • Module 1: Thinking like a researcher
  • Module 2: Defining your research
  • Module 3: Introductory search techniques for research
  • Module 4: Advanced search techniques for research
  • Module 5: Exploring grey literature
  • Module 6: Understanding design and authority in research
  • Module 7: Publishing and research impact
  • Module 8: Your rights and responsibilities as a scholar
  • Module 9: Joining the scholarly conversation

Graduate Professional Skills Credits

Student2Scholar is part of the School of Graduate Studies' Graduate Professional Skills Program (GPS). By completing three modules (modules 3, 4 and a module of your choice) students will receive four GPS credits toward the research-related skills category. Successful completion of the GPS program is recognized with a transcript notation. To obtain GPS credit for the Winter 2016 semester, the 3 modules must be completed by Monday March 7, 2016.


The modules are now open! You can register and start the course here: http://student2scholar.ca/

Contact information

Please contact Monique Flaccavento or Jenaya Webb if you have any questions about S2S.