Circular 14

Circular 14 [C14] is a valuable resource for researchers as it provides an overview of the selection process as well as an authoritative listing of the texts, with publication and pricing information, that were approved and taught in Ontario classrooms for over 100 years.

Circular 14, a publication produced by the Ontario government and provided to school boards from 1887-1996, listed the textbooks that had been reviewed and authorized for use in K-12 classrooms. With the exception of its early years, the circular was published annually in January. From the years 1952 to 1991, two supplements (Circular 14A, released in the spring, and Circular 14B, released in the fall) were sent out to provide updated listings.  The OISE Library’s collection of Circular 14 has been digitally preserved and is available to all users online through the Internet Archive. Many of the texts listed in Circular 14 are held in the Ontario Textbook Collection, also at OISE Library. More information about Ontario authorized textbooks list can be found on the Ministry of Education website.

Access 1887 - 1996 online at the Internet Archive, or in print at the OISE Library.