Scanning, copying, and printing


There are two photocopiers with scanning capability: one on the Ground Floor and one on the Second Floor. To scan, you will need a formatted USB memory stick. There is also two flatbed scanners connected to the public computer stations on the Ground Floor. Users will need to log in to the computer. Instructions to operate the equipment are posted next to the photocopiers / scanners. Scanning is available free of charge. Scan to email is not available.


There are two black and white photocopiers at the OISE Library: one on the Ground Floor and one on the Second Floor.

  • Photocopiers accept payment by TCard
  • Copying charges are 10 cents per copy


There are three black and white printers at the OISE Library: two photocopiers with printing capability and one dedicated printer. The dedicated printer is located on the ground floor of the Library. The photocopiers have 8 1/2" x 11" (letter size) and 8 1/2" x 14" (legal size) paper. The ground floor printer has only 8 1/2" x 11" paper. 

  • Printing payment by TCard
  • Printing charges are 15 cents per side
  • Printing is double-sided by default

Guest Card

Users can purchase a Guest TCard for $5.00 that has a value of $4.25 loaded on it. This money (TBucks) can be spent across the University of Toronto’s three campuses, and the card can be reloaded with additional funds from the TCard+ website. Please note this card does not provide any library borrowing privileges.