Customized library research modules

OISE librarians have created library research modules for each department at OISE. The modules are designed to support self-directed learning on the fundamentals of library searching as well as specific databases and resources customized to the different research areas in each of OISE's four departments. These modules are hosted in Quercus on a self-enroll basis.

Quick video tutorials

OISE Librarians have put together a series of short video tutorials designed to help you set up a search strategy or just to provide a quick refresher! You can view the tutorials below or check out the OISE Library YouTube channel for more helpful search tips.

What are the Differences Between Search Tools?

Which Databases Contain Educational Research Articles?

How do I Find Educational Research Articles on my Topic?

How do I Brainstorm Synonyms and Related Terms to Enhance my Search Strategy?

How do I search multiple databases at once?

How do I connect Google Scholar with University of Toronto Libraries?

Get additional support for Google Scholar searches on their Search Tips page

How do I Search the Trillium List for Textbooks Approved by the Ontario Ministry of Education?

  Accessible script (PDF)   |  Download video (mp4)   |   YouTube  |  Go to the Trillium List

Search EBSCO databases (including Education Source)