Ground floor booking policy


    • Events must be academic in nature (e.g. conferences, research fairs, etc.) Social events will only be eligible as an adjunct to a specific academic event. For example, a reception connected to a symposium using the space would be approved; a departmental party would not.
    • Only OISE-sponsored events will be approved. OISE sponsored events must:
      • be for the OISE community
      • be coordinated by staff or faculty from an OISE department
      • be attended by at least one coordinator from the sponsoring OISE department
      • provide OISE departmental CC and CFC numbers
    • Space may not be booked for regularly scheduled classes or meetings.
    • Events may only be scheduled on days when the Library is open.
    • Eligible events will have minimum sound levels during Library hours as library users continue to use quiet study spaces in adjacent areas of the Library during these events. Only events scheduled after Library hours may include music, films, etc.

    Event coordination

    • The designated event coordinator from the sponsoring OISE department must be present for the duration of the event. Contact information for this person must be provided on the booking form.
    • The designated event coordinator will be responsible for monitoring event activities.
    • If you would like to come in early to set up, you must book a set-up time in the booking request.


    • Minimum sound levels during Library hours.
    • No music, films, etc. during Library hours.
    • A reminder that library users continue to use quiet study spaces in adjacent areas of the Library during these events.

    Food and beverage

    • Light refreshments only.
    • No open flame (i.e. sternos) in the Library.
    • Organizers should arrange to have the large recycling and garbage containers delivered to the Library for the event, and returned afterwards. Please contact for additional information.

    The following guidelines are necessary to ensure compliance with liquor licensing regulations:

    • All functions that serve alcohol must use the UofT Campus Beverage Services for their event.
    • One designated event coordinator must be present for the duration of the event.
    • The area where alcohol is being served must be blocked off and clearly identified as a private reception.
    • Only event participants may attend.
    • No underage individuals are permitted.

    Furniture and layout (tables, chairs, podium, etc.)

    • It is your responsibility to return furniture to its standard configuration immediately after your event. Use the OISE Library floor plan (PDF).
    • Arrangements for additional chairs, tables, waste disposal bins, etc. must be made directly with OISE Building Operations at 416-978-0031 or 416-978-0787.

    AV services

    • Arrangements for computers, other audio-visual equipment, and AV services must be made online using the Equipment Loan/Rentals form.
    • Clients should consult with Multimedia Services to determine the adequacy of available AV arrangements (projection, sound system, etc.).

    Smudge Ceremonies

    After hours use

    • Events scheduled outside of Library hours will be billed $45.00 per hour. This includes clean-up time.

    Caretaking Costs

    • Caretaking costs will be charged to departments for all weekend events as follows:
      • Saturdays: approx. $240 for a 4-hour service
      • Sundays: approx. $300 for a 4-hour service

    Additional Costs 

    • Departmental CC and CFC numbers will be billed for:
      • damages to library spaces
      • costs incurred for cleaning (e.g. spills on the carpet, etc.)
      • campus movers, if furniture has not been returned to its standard configuration as per the OISE Library floor plan (PDF) (approx. $100 per hour)