Ground floor booking policy

The Ground Floor of the OISE Library may be booked for academic, OISE-sponsored events such as conferences, talks, and panel discussions. The space can accommodate up to 120 people for seated lectures or 250 standing. To be eligible to book the Library space, events must have a minimum of 50 attendees.

Event Eligibility

  • Events must be academic in nature (e.g. conferences, research fairs, etc.) Regularly scheduled classes or social events such as a departmental party will not be approved.
  • Only OISE-sponsored events will be approved. OISE sponsored events must be:
    • For the OISE community,
    • Coordinated by staff or faculty from an OISE department,
    • Attended by at least one coordinator from the sponsoring OISE department, and
    • Approved by departmental chair.
  • Events may only be scheduled on days when the Library is open and organizers should plan to wrap up 30 minutes prior to library close. See the OISE Library Hours.
  • Eligible events will have minimum sound levels as library users continue to use quiet study spaces in adjacent areas of the Library during these events.
  • Events must be requested two months prior to the request date. Submitting a request does not guarantee the event space. A confirmation email will be sent to confirm your booking.  

Event coordination

  • The designated event coordinator from the sponsoring OISE department must be present for the duration of the event. Contact information for this person must be provided on the booking form.
  • The designated event coordinator is responsible for sharing booking policies with the event organizing team and volunteers.
  • The designated event coordinator is responsible for monitoring event activities such as ensuring all attendees have exited, only event organizers are entering the library for setup when library is closed, etc. 
  • Event set-up should happen on the day of the event of after hours the night before in exceptional circumstances.  
  • Clear communications will be required between security, the library, and event coordinators.  


  • Minimum sound levels for all library events as library users continue to use quiet study spaces in adjacent areas of the Library during these events.

Food and beverage

  • If food is served, it should be light refreshments only. No hot food, open buffet or flame.
  • If food is served, organizers should arrange to have the large recycling and garbage containers delivered to the Library and returned afterwards. Please contact 
  • Please consider green and environmentally sustainable catering.
  • All functions that serve alcohol must use the UofT Campus Beverage Services for their event. For a licensed event (serving alcohol), email Campus Beverage Services:

Furniture and layout (tables, chairs, podium, etc.)

  • It is your responsibility to return furniture to its standard configuration immediately after your event. Use the OISE Library floor plan (see PDF below).
  • Arrangements for additional chairs and tables beyond what is on the ground floor must be made directly with OISE Facilities at
  • If you require U of T furniture movers, please contact UofT's Moving Services.

AV services

Smudge Ceremonies

Caretaking costs

  • Mandatory caretaking costs will be charged to departments for all Saturday bookings. The cost is approximately $29.00 per/hour (4 hour minimum).
  • Please contact to arrange caretaking.

Additional costs  

 If any of the conditions and policies are not met, additional charges will apply to the requesting department