Request items from other campuses and institutions

Request items from other campuses

You can request delivery of books, journal articles, and other materials from another University of Toronto campus (UTM, UTSC, and Downsview) using the request link in the catalogue. The service cannot be used to deliver items between libraries located on the same campus.

Please note that visiting faculty and graduate students with 'Direct Borrower' status are not eligible for Intercampus Delivery (except for material held at UTL Downsview).

There is no charge for intercampus deliveries of library items.  Items normally take three to five business days for delivery, and will be available for pick-up at the OISE Library Service Desk.  Please remember to select OISE as your pickup location.

Request items from other institutions

Request books, journal articles and other materials worldwide using RACER (Interlibrary Loan).

The Interlibrary Loan service is available to current U of T students, faculty and staff. Most interlibrary loans are free of charge; we will advise you if charges apply.

Research Readers, Alumni Readers, and Associate Member organizations are also eligible to request materials through interlibrary loan.  Research Readers and Alumni Readers will be charged $30 per request; Associate Member organizations will be charged $35 per request.  You will be notified if other charges apply.

Direct Borrowers are not eligible for interlibrary loan services. 

If you have searched the U of T catalogue and cannot find the item you need:

Can't find what you're looking for? Fill out the Blank Request Form in RACER as completely as possible and we'll do the rest.

Delivery time

The length of time from request to delivery depends on where the material is coming from, and how readily available it is.  Deliveries take from two to four weeks, on average.  

All print materials requested from other institutions will be available for pick-up on the Ground Floor of the Robarts Library. 

Most articles will be delivered electronically within one week.

Please fill out the "Item not needed after" field on the RACER request form.

You can cancel or check the status of your requests in RACER (see My Requests).

Please see the Library FAQ for additional information.